JALANA Silicone Adhesive Bra with front closure

✓ Made of silicone, feels and looks natural.
✓ Self adhesive and supportive
✓ With front closure, for an amazing cleavage
✓ Complete open back and bare shoulders (Invisible Bra)
✓ Easy to put on and take off

The silicone adhesive Bra with front closure from JALANA is a self adhesive bra with front closure, so you can create an amazing and deep appearing cleavage. The silicone bra can be easily applied to your breasts, and it feels like your own breasts already after a few minutes. The bra can also be used under your own bra, for extra filling. The especially developed glue for JALANA is very adhesive and durable, it makes the adhesive bras from JALANA unique and unrivaled. The glue regenerates after every cleansing, so you're able to enjoy the adhesive bra for a long time to come.

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Washing instructions

Instructions: Clean the adhesive part of the bra before use with soap and water, and let it dry in open air (not on the heater or in the sun!). Clean your breasts with soap and water, and dry your skin well with a soft towel. Do not use skin care treatment products on or near your breasts as this may reduce the adhesive effect.

Apply 1 bra cup at a time. Turn the bra cup outwards and hold it at the bottom, apply it from the bottom to the top. Put the Bra Cup at the desired level and rub the cup from the top to the bottom on your chest. In case you're not satisfied, carefully loosen the cup from the skin so it won't get damaged. Repeat this step with the next bra cup.

Check if both bra cups are on the same level, and close the closure on the front. After closure you push on your breasts with both hands for a few seconds to seal up the bra.

After use, remove the bra cups carefully from the skin. Immediately hand wash the cups with soap and water after use to maintain adhesiveness and cleanliness. Dry bra in open air (not on a heater or in the sun!). As soon as the Bra is dry you can adhere the supplied plastic cellophane again.


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